Sweet Lovers! I cater to gentlemen that have a fine taste for things in life. Living in Montreal, I enjoy every single pleasurable activity in the city, to opera, to fine dining to clubbing in the most exclusive places out there. If you share my passion, call me to arrange a night out…I am classy and discreet. You can be sure that my company is all you ever wanted. Don’t deny yourself this pleasure.



Phone: 514 461 1491





4 Responses to “Marta”

  1. EvaluationPlus says:

    This chick has the hottest body I have ever seen. Add to it her tight p***y and beautiful face that kept moaning like a psycho and you get yourself a colorful bouquet. You feel me?

  2. EvaluationPlus says:

    I told her to change her name. Sounds to old and official. Not too sexually appealing

  3. Patrice says:

    Toute une femme. Incroyable! les escortes montralaises sont les plus belles

  4. Fred says:

    serieux, c’une vraie deesse. Elle parle pas bien francais mais pas grave, une osti de belle femme. Pat, t’as ben raison sur les escortes a montreal.

    serieux, on doit avoir ce site la en Francais


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