Welcome to the world of Ginny, hot Italian pearl that likes to date awesome guys with a taste for life and amazing sense of humor. All budget oriented boys, move on and don’t waste your time on me!!! I’m one spoiled brat! ‘n I’ll always be 1!!! Try 2 catch me on my horny days and you’ll taste the hurricane!! Remember, Ginny is always the best :)))))


Phone: 450 234 0107




4 Responses to “Ginny”

  1. Dave says:

    Ginny is all about the raw animal sex. As soon as that door closes, she pounces on you like a cheetah on a rabbit. It starts out with a serious make out session, and that alone can make a man cum. Eventually she sashays you into the bedroom, and then it’s all over from there. Be prepared for a work out boys, because she works you out in a multitude of positions! She is definitely not for the weak dick lol.

  2. Pascal says:

    with all that bountiful breast, they make you want to lie down in them and relax! she was soft all over, and oh so squeezable. she was there for an hour. i wished i stuck to my original arrangement and saw her for 2! she was a real sweetheart, and took her time with me. no rush and trust me no complaints. with a body like hers, with breast like hers she was truly heavenly to be with. A+!

  3. Jeremy says:

    WHAT AN ASS. That is all I have to say. I dunno about u other guys, but i need a good ass for me to do my thing. The ass that was on this girl was one of those things that only comes around with 1 in 100 phone calls to these places. Everyone says Vegas is the place to get your thing on. I have been to Vagas and the only thing that got a work out was my credit card. This girl’s ass give me a workout that my thing has never had before.

  4. william says:

    hi there-how much would you charge for 2 or 3 hours with you,im coming to montreal in march and i would like to spend the night of friday march 16th with you so please email me back


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