Meet the youngest, the hottest and the naughties divas you ever dreamt of . I am cynthia and i will create shockwaves in your life after we see each other. If you have a gf she will find  out about us because you will be a sooooooooo different after you see me~!! So if you wanna take this chance, call me!!!


Phone: 613 499 2003











10 Responses to “Cynthia”

  1. Johhny says:

    Nice girl. A bit too shy for being an escort but some helped a lot. We had a botttle for just a two of us and it made her really frisky. After that i had no trouble getting her naked and licking sweet pusssy. She is best in dogggy style

  2. Kenzo says:

    I had a G.F.E today with Cynthia. she really felt like my girlfriend. we went to the movies I took her for dinner after dinner went for drink got drunk went to my apartment and me and her had the wildest sex I ever experienced. I never thought that G.F.E would be this fun. i recomend her to anyone who would like to experience G.F.E.

  3. James Phillip says:

    I expected escorts to be GFE when they charge 300$ per hour. She even told me that she is GFE. But she lied. I was denied DATY and was denied kissing. She told me she was not too comfortable with me.

  4. Stone Cold says:

    Certainly not the most passionate girl around the block. It actually shows that she is only doing this to pay off for her school or something.

    I still managed to have my fun. She is indeed very very tight :)

  5. william says:

    hi there-how much would you charge for 2 or 3 hours with you,hi there im coming to montreal in march would you be free the night of friday apr 16th,please email me back

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