The Fetish Mistress Experience

The fetish mistress acts in a way most unusual and peculiar. She is dressed up in leather all throughout and she even holds whips in hand. These mistresses are like controllers in daily lives. These women have different ways of dealing with clients. They are smart and aggressive in their dealings and this make the mistresses so popular and in trend. These mistresses rule men with whips and they have a peculiar way of performing sex. You may learn from men they have paid for fetish mistresses to be literally canned, rebuked and ill treated. The mistress can even verbally ill treat you. In fact they can go to all heights of sex related harassment.
In most cases a fetish mistress looks very attractive and men feel that it is a matter of great pride to be hackled and harassed badly by a beauty bandit. The mistress whips and cans the man by making use of a conventional leather grab in black together with high spike heels, garter belts and the phallic whip is the most important of all. The scene is rare and unusual and it is absolutely opposite to the norms of the male dominated society. This, may be a reason why the sport is so popular and attractive.

The fetish mistress takes pleasure in maltreating her male partner and this involves a lot of masochistic action. The woman feels glad to hurt the man. This is something really very cruel and unexpected. However, simultaneously the men feel pleasure getting subjugated. He takes the act sportingly and allows the woman do anything with him. However, if you feel that you want to be a part of such an act you can contact the mistress online. She would be ready to respond to your call and once you blow the whistle the action will start immediately.

Online you can visit several websites where you get a chance to interact with the fetish mistress. Here you get all details about the woman and the charges of getting willingly assaulted are also being mentioned on the site. On the site you may also get to see the pictures of the mistress. In most cases she looks dominating yet beautiful and this attracts the male counterpart. Here submission is the keyword and it instantly acts as a whim to make the man approach the woman and this is how the game starts.

The Fetish Mistress Smiles when Seing Men in Pain

On both sides you find desperate man and woman. There is no question of love or attraction. It is an act of mutual agreement and the man is liable to withstand all tortures without any hesitation within a particular span of time. The clients who have experienced such acts have spoken in details and they are of the opinion that the fetish mistress is extremely thrilled and the man takes pleasure in absolute capitulation. He yells in pain and this gives him satisfaction. Just imagine the nature of the act. It is indeed pathetic. However, the game is known by a particular name of BDSM and it mostly exists in all parts of the world.
The fetish mistress is not a very contemporary concept. Such women existed in the earlier time and such things were common during sexual interaction. Such an act is desirable for a person who loves to have adventure in form of love making. Yes, for the man getting wacked by a woman is a form of love and affection. Now, age has changed the concept much and such an act has become a game were both the man and the woman take part willingly and one has full control over the other within the specific span of time.
Sigmund Freud is of the opinion that fetishism is a sort of a sexual urge and it also involves certain psychological aspects. In fact those who take pleasure in torturing someone are mentally disturbed people. This applies to the fetish mistress. It may be so that the woman did go through lots of mental and physical agony at one point of time. As a result she finds pleasure in torturing the opposite sex. She smiles when the man cries in pain and she is happy that the man is suffering.

If you love pain then it is not normal. To feel the pain and at the same time giving pain to others – both are not right and humanistic. Thus, it can be considered that the fetish mistress is not a normal person in the real sense. There is something in her which needs to be rectified. She has taken this superwoman image because she is not well and she needs to be treated seriously. Game or no game, you feel fine to see someone suffering – this is what the mistress practices and this is the reason why this act has been prohibited in several parts of the world.

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