“What a week!” Dan exclaimed sitting at his desk chair. It was 7:30 on a Friday night and he just finished with the Ferguson file. “I need a drink” he said to himself. All week he had thought about checking out the new strip club “Down Under” that opened up on Main Street. They were supposed to have the best strippers in town. “That’s it, I need a good stress reliever and from what I have heard this place looks to be it.”  With that he shut down his computer, cleaned up his desk, and locked the door on the way out of his office.

Walking through the doors of Down Under was like walking into a different world. The atmosphere was absolutely charged with excitement. He worked his way over to a table at the end of the stage and took a seat. A cute bubbly little waitress came over and asked what would be his pleasure. Dan chuckled internally and thought God if she only knew. He ordered a drink and sat back to relax and wait for the show to start.

This place definitely lived up to its reputation. The women here were fucking hot. The lights dimmed as the music changed and became louder. Out walked the most beautiful woman Dan had ever seen. She was tall with long slender legs and a body that would make any man drop to his knees and beg. She began with a sultry swing of her hips and immediately he had to reach down and readjust his jeans. She began to move to the music with such grace that he was in awe. He couldn’t take his eyes off of her. Never in his life had a stripper had this effect on him. He sat and just stared at her unconsciously rubbing the bulge in his pants.

She reached up and pulled the string that was holding her top on. As it fell to the floor his eyes became glued to her chest. Her jiggling breasts are fucking perfect He thought to himself. Her tightly beaded nipples were the perfect size with a pebbled pink tip. His dick was harder than it had ever been. “Fuck” Dan mumbled as she proceeded to take off her bottoms. This woman had him in a trance. She was swaying from side to side and swinging on the stripper pole like no other woman had ever done. She was stealing every ounce of control that he had.

She strutted sensually to the end of the stage right in front of him looked down into his eyes and spun around. She bent over exposing her beautifully plump ass and bare pussy right to him. She slowly ran her hands over the cheeks of her ass spreading them slightly so he got a perfect view. Dan gasped and grabbed his dick tightly through his jeans. Quickly she spun around and somehow ended up sitting on the stage in front of him. She straightened her legs and lifted them almost to her shoulders as she reached down and seductively parted the lips of her pussy with those long slender fingers pulling the hood of her clit back exposing a soft pink bud that was ready to blossom. She slowly looked up into Dan’s eyes and licked her lips. That was more than he could handle. He had to get out of here, had to find a place where he could relieve himself.

“Fucking A” Dan stated loudly as he got into his car. Never has a stripper had this effect on me. Everyone was right Down Under is everything it was said to be.

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