Pros and Cons of hiring a male stripper

male-escortThe demand for male strippers is on constant rise in the past few years and it has gone up several notches high in the recent times. This is because of the fact that more and more number of people is getting bold about the whole thing and is ready for some kind of experimentation from their part. Also, the exposure level is quite high these days and people want to do something new and exciting. Stripper service is quite common in Montreal and this is the main reason as to why several bachelorette parties are being held in Montreal itself.

The concept of male stripper is common in entertainment areas like Montreal and Vegas and it is growing out to other places as well. There are both positive as well as negative sides to getting male strippers for a party. Below, you will find the pros and cons of getting a male stripper for any kind of party.


  • Male stripper party is sure to provide an enjoyable time for one and all. It is the best sort of arrangement one can make for a wilder friend.
  • It turns out to be a perfect inclusion in bachelorette party and many people are now opting for this service.
  • It is definitely a fun event and a new sort of experience for many of them. If one is looking for absolute fun and enjoyment over a party, then this is an event to include.


  • Finding a male stripper is quite a hard task and you will have to sweat out a lot in getting an apt one for your party.
  • Male strippers are quite rare. Though the concept of male stripper has caught up big time in the recent, there are still a very less number of strippers available in the male category.  The area is yet to evolve.
  • You may actually put yourself in risk by going and finding male stripper. There are many places where you may not find even a single stripper for your cause and finding one is going to be a really difficult task to do.
  • As male stripper service is rare, it may turn out to be quite expensive one. You should be ready to cash out something between $200 and $350. If it is a larger crowd of 20 to 25 women then this cost should be fine.
  • Some of the strippers does not arrive on time and spoils the whole of the party mood completely. It is generally believed that most of the strippers get late to the venue and hence you need to follow up on them frequently.

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