Montreal Independent Escort

Lance sat in deep thought at his desk. He had had his fill of the women that he attracted. All they were interested in was his money and most of the time he couldn’t even carry on an intelligent conversation with them. Shit if that was the case he might as well just hire an Montreal independent escort. Gage had mentioned it to him numerous times. He said the women were polite, most of them were well educated, and they came with a clean bill of health.

“That’s it!” He stated loudly as Gage walked through the door. “I want the number to the escort service that you were telling me about. I have to go to this charity function tonight and I do not feel like doing it alone.”
“That’s a boy.” Gage responded as he pulled his cell out of his pocket and called his secretary. “Wendy, can you please give me the number of the last time Montreal independent escort.” He reached over and picked up the pen from Lance’s desk and wrote the number down. “Thanks girl, I will see you in about an hour. We have to get that letter out to Mr. Fairchild.” He stated before hanging up.

“Thanks, it can’t be any worse than what I have been dealing with lately.” He called Jen into his office and asked her to book an appointment for this evenings charity benefit with the independent escort service. The girl was to meet him at 7:30 at the coffee shop on fourth and main.

As Lance entered the coffee shop he noticed a very well dressed sophisticated woman. No way, he thought to himself, but she was the only lady there. He approached her cautiously and introduced himself. She smiled up at him and asked where they were headed for the evening.

As they were dancing to a slow song, Eve rubbed up against him sensually whispering into his ear “When can we get out of here?” with the most seductive smile he had ever seen. With that they said their goodbyes and headed up to their room at the hotel.

Once the door closed behind them his well dressed sophisticated independent escort turned into the voluptuous woman he knew was hidden behind the outfit. She was amazing, she was a professional and he saw it in her eyes as she walked seductively towards him taking off her dress.

“Damn.” Lance gasped as she slowly put her hands on his chest and pushed his Jacket off his shoulders.

Eve dropped to her knees in front of him undoing his pants. She looked up at him through her thick lashes and smiled wickedly as she took his cock into her mouth making him go weak at the knees. She slowly ran her tongue around the mushroom shaped head before taking him fully into her throat.

Lance moaned in ecstasy at her ministrations. He had to sit or he was going to fall down. She had the most gorgeous body he had ever seen. The way she went from sophisticated to sultry in just the removal of her dress was amazing. He wanted her now. He ran his fingers down into her hair and grabbed a handful holding her head where he wanted it as he thrust his cock in and out of her mouth. He was on the verge of coming. He had to stop. He pulled from her mouth, lifted her up by the arm, turned her and bent her over the couch. Shit, what a gorgeous ass. He wanted to be buried inside of her.

He let his hand travel down between her legs finding her bare pussy nice and wet. Her clit was as hard as a little pebble. He grabbed it between his fingers and squeezed with just enough pressure to almost through her over the edge. He quickly fisted the base of his shaft and entered her from behind. He began thrusting into her fast.

He could feel her insides tightening on him, practically massaging his dick. He was on the edge of the precipice that she had placed him on the minute they walked through the door. He reached around her hips and grabbed hold of her clit and rolled it between his fingers. That was it. She began to come pushing him over the edge. He came harder than he had in ages. Then he flopped to the ground exhausted and out of breath.

That was it, he was officially hooked on the independent escort services.

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