Giving Feedback to an Escort

The best way to get better services in the future from escort agencies is by ensuring that you give them feedback on performance of an escort. For one, both positive and negative feedback is important in improving the services offered by any of Escort Divas Montreal. Some agencies give you some considerations for giving feedback on your experience with any of their escorts. Once you have spent some time with either a beautiful brunette, blonde or redhead escort you should take your time to give her a review and offer feedback to the agency and also in our site There are several things you should know when giving feedback on an escort.

First, while giving feedback on an escort it is important that you know how the experience with your companion was. The first thing you will be asked is whether the escort was welcoming and friendly. While giving this feedback it is important to note that people have different personalities. Many escorts, especially bisexual escorts are quite confident, social and friendly. So when your first experience with an escort, she shows no inhibition and blends seamlessly within any group of people know she may be on top of the social spectrum. However if your next appointment is with a conserved and quieter lady do not rate her as unfriendly just because she was quieter than the first escort. Each escort has different ways of making their clients feel special so do not rate them relative to a previous one but rate them entirely based how you enjoyed their company.

Secondly it is important that you note that it takes two to tango: Most escorts will try as much as possible to be cordial and friendly with all clients. They will also try as hard as possible to be diplomatic and considerate while dealing with rude clients. From surveys it has been noted that most of our clients know how to treat ladies and in turn bring out the best in them. It is hard to strike up a warm and welcoming relationship with a client who is constantly rude and disrespectful to you. Although some of our clients are gentlemen of valor and flare and know how to treat escorts, some are not! Before giving a feedback on an escort ask yourself if you did your best to get the best out of the occasion by being a class act? So that you ensure that you experience with our lovely escorts is memorable ensure that at all times you treat them and behave respectfully.

Quick tips for constructive feedback:

  • Be positive
  • Don’t use negative or curse words
  • Be concise yet offer important details
  • Be respectful

Last but not least it is important that when you are giving feedback on an escort you account details of how she made you feel. Escort agencies would want to know that the escorts they have listed are people who are welcoming, friendly, talkative and fun to be around. So when giving feedback on an escort, give detailed information on how she made you feel and how comfortable she made you feel. Similarly comment on how much conversation she made and if she made you feel at ease. It is important that an agency know which escorts have which qualities, this may enable you to have a better experience in times to come.

Escorts and escort agencies aim at ensuring that all their clients get that special spark and glamour that one may not have in day to day relationships. So ensure that you get the best experience by being cordial and polite. Escorts are human beings and have emotions, so you will have the time of your life by considering them thus.

Sandwich Method for Providing Feedback

Positive+ Negative + Positive

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