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Sitting at her desk staring at a half written chapter in her book Rainie was stumped. She has interviewed women who had escort jobs for many years. She had researched this information over and over again. She rubs her face roughly with her hand and sighs as she hears the door opening.

“What are you doing?” he asked bringing her out of her reverie. She looked up into his eyes and replied with “Sir, I am stumped. I am having a bit of writers block.”

Instantly Gabe’s face goes boldly stern as he raises his left eyebrow and asks “Why didn’t you come to me so that we could discuss it, possibly do some research on Montreal escort jobs and get you past it?”

Looking up into his eyes she started with “Sir, I didn’t want to bother you. I knew you were busy…” Gabe instantly cut her short. That was it he was beyond upset. Crap, I let him down, I could see it in his eyes she thought to herself

“How many times have I told you that I am never too busy for you, that you are never bothering me? I am very disappointed in you at the moment. Why don’t you listen when I explain these things to you?” he stated sternly. “Stand up now!”

Doing as Gabe told her she pushed her chair out and slowly stood up lowering her head so that she would not have to see the disappointment in his eyes.

“Take off ALL of your clothes.” He barked “I mean all of your clothes not just your panties!”

Looking up into his eyes with a shocked expression she begin to ask him why and then changed her mind, lowering her head she began removing her dress. Rainie let it fall to the floor and then followed suit with her bra and panties.

Leaving herself vulnerable to him standing naked in front of her desk she felt his presence. Gabe walked behind her desk to where she was standing moving the keyboard out of the way he proceeded to tell her “Bend over the desk, spread you legs as far as you can and place your hands behind your back together.” In such a stern voice that it sent shivers running through her body.

Rainie began to whimper softly doing exactly as she was told. The desk was cold on her exposed breasts, her nipples instantly stiffened into hard little pebbles. She sucked in a deep breath as she felt his large hand come down hard on her bottom. Tears welled up in her eyes as his hand came down again and again on her ass. It was burning intensely. Ranie didn’t think she could handle much more when she felt his breath on her ear as he said “How many times have I told you that you are not a bother? How many times have I said that I would be happy to help you? Maybe a good hard disciplinary spanking will help you remember young lady.” With that she felt Gabe’s hand fall onto her bottom again. Smack. Smack. Smack. Tears began to descend down her cheeks and she could think of nothing but the fire emanating from her bottom.

Rainie couldn’t take it any longer and she pulled her legs together and in a flash Gabe pushed them apart with his foot. “Obviously you are not able to follow directions are you young lady? Well I can fix that this instant.” And before she knew what was happening she felt his fingers on her ankles as a smooth silky material wrapped around her ankle and pulled it tightly towards the leg of the desk, first one ankle then the other. I pulled on the binds and found that there was no wiggle room. Oh my God, my ass is on fire, my legs are tied to my desk, my hands are behind my back, I should be petrified not soaking wet with excitement. Can he tell that I am more aroused than I have ever been in my life? she thought to herself.

“Now that I have taken care of the problem of you keeping your legs spread, am I going to have to do the same thing with your arms or do you think you can keep them behind your back?” he asked rather curtly.

“No Sir, I will hold them behind my back where they belong.” Rainie replied in a raspy voice.

“That’s my girl.” Gabe said as his hand landed on her bottom again this time traveling down between the crack of her ass as he spread the lips of her pussy and dipped his finger into the slick wetness of her excitement. “Fuck” he uttered raggedly as his dick stiffened even more than it already was at the sight of her utter submission.

Rainie gasped as her pussy clenched tightly around his fingers. “Sssir…” she stuttered on bated breath.

“Yes Baby Girl, what do you want?” Gabe asked as he brought his other hand down on her ass again this time feeling her pussy clench tightly and repetitively around his fingers. He knew she was on the verge of exploding right there around his fingers. “You have to tell me what you need.”

She fought and fought to speak but nothing legible escaped her lips. Her body was quivering inside and practically shaking violently on the outside. “Ssss” was all that she could manage.

“Don’t you dare come, do you understand me young lady? You know you must have permission to come. That pussy belongs to me so don’t you dare come.” With that Gabe pulled his fingers from her pussy as he picked up a ruler off of her desk. He ran it across her ass slowly before raising it and bringing down across the cheek of her ass with more force than his hand had used.

Rainie let out a strangled cry as Gabe spanked her ass with the ruler. “Are you going to listen to me from now on young lady?” he asked softly and did not get a response from her. As he slapped her ass again with the ruler he said a little more firmly “Answer me now Rainie.”

She cried out as he walked around the desk and stood in front of her. He fisted her hair and lifted her head up to look into her eyes. She was gone, in a whole different state of mind. She could not have responded if she wanted to. Gabe gently laid her head back done on the desk as he walked back behind her.

“Tell me what you want Rainie. This will all be over if you can honestly tell me that you will listen from now on and tell me what you want.” Gabe said in a very reassuring voice.

“Sssir, I, I, will llisten from now on.” She stuttered on a ragged breath.

“And?” Gabe continued.

“Ssir, I wa wa want to come.” Rainie practically cried.

With that Gabe dropped his pants and thrust his aching shaft deep into her pussy pushing Rainie over the edge of the precipice he had her on. She cried out as she came with such a force it took her breath away.

Gabe instantly exploded within her as her pussy clamped down on him harder than ever before. He leaned over her and held her in his arms tightly. “Good Girl, I am so proud of you.” He cooed in her ear. “Now I think we should get up and search the web and see what we can find on  escort jobs. What do you think baby girl?” He asked.


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