Traditional Montreal Poutine

poutineMontreal is definitely in the hit list when it comes to fun and frolic. The Canadian city has managed to gather a steady number of tourists each year and tops the list of best place to visit to enjoy a holiday vacation. There are many tourist attractions in the place and to add up, it also supports a lot of fun and entertainment activity. Champagne, strippers and club are the ones that are most commonly associated with Montreal and the fun factor is endless.

Montreal Food

Food is yet another area in which Montreal scores and the place offers both contemporary as well as traditional food items. There are many famous traditional food items that become an instant hit amongst many tourists who come from different parts of the world. Poutine is a famous, traditional food item of Montreal in Quebec. Poutine is quite famous amongst tourists and local people. The best part about this food item is the fact that it comes in different variations. There is a great demand for all sorts of traditional Montreal food item.

Variations in Poutine

There are many variations for the traditional Montreal item, Poutine. The variations are mostly carried out in many ways and it differs from one restaurant to that of another. There are some restaurants that provides for over twelve varieties of Poutine. The additions to make the Poutine different generally include chicken, bacon, smoked meat and lot other such ingredients. The sauce that is used over the traditional food item also makes a huge difference in the taste factor. While some prefer a more subdued taste, there are some others who go for spicy taste. In such case, they could order for a different poutine variation.

Poutine recipe – How to make it

The preparation time for Poutine varies from few minutes to hours and depends totally on the kind of ingredients being used and the variation that is being tried out. Let us take a look at a simpler and basic poutine recipe. For this kind of recipe, you should be preparing French fries, put half cup of cheddar cheese curds over the fries. Then mix a cup of sauce over the cheese and fries while it is still hot. You need to leave this as such for 5 minutes and then the traditional food of Montreal is ready to be served.

When it comes to Poutine, there are few restaurants in Montreal that tops the list. Some of the most prominent restaurants in Montreal that serves excellent Poutine include Poutine Lafluer, La Banquise, La Quebecoise, Patati Patata, Frite Alors and Pipeline. All of the restaurants are quite famous for the Poutine and shows a great lot of variety in the traditional food item.

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