Nightlife in Montreal

girlsMontreal still holds the top spot when it comes to entertainment and fun quotient. This makes many people choose Montreal over any other fun holiday destinations. Montreal is a right combination of absolute fun and luxury and no fun-lovers would want to miss out on this place. The best part about Montreal is the fact that is bustles with energy and liveliness all throughout the day and night. It turns out to be an ideal spot for those of them who wish to take a break from hectic and stressful life and relax themselves.

Popular clubs in Montreal

Montreal is well known for its night clubs and restaurants that add up to the nightlife experience. When it comes to bars, pubs and nightlife, the best place to go for in Montreal is Rue St. Laurent. This place is quite busy all throughout the year and has got some of the finest night clubs, bars and pubs in Montreal. Popular clubs in Montreal includes,

  • Hurley’s
  • La Boom
  • Coco Bongo
  • Orchid Night Club
  • Light ultra club
  • Seven

There are different types of night clubs found in Montreal. Some of them are contemporary whereas some others are more traditional in nature. The most interesting part about Montreal is the fact that it has bars, restaurants and entertainment facilities for different budgets. If you have a specific budget for the trip, you can very well complete all of the activities within that amount. You can either opt for more expensive facilities or the simplest ones. It all depends on your needs and capacity.

Best place to dance:

Montreal has many exceptional dance clubs and bars. Places like St Denis, Stereo are known to be the best dance spots. Here are some popular ones,

  • Le Rouge Bar
  • Restaurant Buono Notte
  • Bar Blizzarts
  • Café Campus
  • Velvet Speakeasy
  • Thursday’s

These are some of the top rated dance clubs located in Montreal. Everything right from ambience, service to customer care is known to be excellent in these dance clubs. You can find a plenty of other options and facilities that would make the place best to carry on with all kinds of fun and luxury activities. Busy and lively areas in Montreal include Jeanne Mance, St. Laurent and China Town.

China Town in Montreal is famous for many things. It provides the best shopping facilities and also has place of historical significance. Many restaurants and eat outs are found in this area. It is a place that is known to have a significant amount of Chinese population and hence the name. Once you enter the place you can feel that you have entered into China itself.

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