Montreal’s infamous Red Light District

red_lightWhen it comes to nightlife, clubs, fun, entertainment, stunning restaurants and a whole lot of recreational activity then Montreal is the place to go. The Quebec City boasts of many attractive spots and places that are sure to gather the admiration of the tourists. Montreal has many famous places that one should not miss out on and it has got some infamous places like Red Light District. As the name suggests, the place is known to be the centre for all kinds of dark activities like prostitution and selling of drugs.

Red Light District

The place is part of the downtown and has St Laurent in the north, China Town to the South, and St Urbaine to the West and Parc Berri to the east. It is located exactly at the midst of St Catherine’s and St Laurent’s intersection. The area is seeing a lot of changes for the past few years and it is getting directed more towards real estate. Rentals are quite cheap in this place and it is possible to reach the two most famous and busiest streets in the city just by walk from this place. The area’s popularity had been marred by its illegal activity but necessary steps are taken to make it more regularized and organized. The area has seen a great lot of improvement in the past few years and it is fast turning out to be an ideal spot for tourists to stay and enjoy.

Fun activities

One can find strippers, bars and porn theatres in this area and many small houses that are left unoccupied. A lot of real estate activities are being carried out in this area as it is considerably cheaper than any other neighboring locations in Montreal. One could also find accommodations at unbelievably cheaper rates and the prices are quite nominal in this area. You can find a lot of strip joints in the southeast area of the place where you can witness a perfect act. It conducts stripper shows on a regular basis and best strippers from all over the world could be seen here from time to time.

There are also places that cater to the day to day needs of the people. At one end of the area, you could find electronic goods stores, clothing and other shopping areas as well. The place also has many areas that are especially popular when it gets dark. One such place is the East of St-Laruent extending up to Parc Berri. Red Light District also has many night theme events, clubs and bars that add up to the fun factor.  Red Light District is definitely a place to look out for in Montreal and the real estate is slowly catching up.

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