Chinatown of Montreal

chinese-womenThere is no dearth for landmark places in Montreal and the city in Quebec brings several cultural inheritances along with it. Montreal is one of the best places to go for when it comes to fun and entertainment factor. There are many things that Montreal comes with and it makes sure to keep the tourists engaged with a wide variety of activities which makes it a hot spot amongst many of them. The most interesting part about the city is the fact that it supports people from all over the world and it has many foreign settlements in the region.


One of the most famous places in Montreal is Chinatown. Tourist who comes to Montreal should definitely not miss taking a look at the Chinatown which is active for several years now. The Chinatown of the past was replaced by huge buildings and the place underwent a complete change in the 60s. Again in the 80s, the revival of the Chinatown happened and the place regained its position as a famous spot. If you visit the stores and shops in the place, you will witness that a lot of people speak Mandarin along with Vietnamese, English and French.

 Chinese influence

The whole place has a great level of Chinese influence and there are many Chinese settlers in this area, hence this name. It has got many interesting places to visit and have fun. The De Bullion and De La Gauchetiere is a commercial spot and is a highly active business area. The place is specifically used for commercial development. The best way to enjoy in the place is to go walking through the streets and enjoy the shopping fest. Every place is just a walk away and there is no need to hire a taxi. St. Laurent is quite famous for shopping activities and Gauchetière has got many restaurants and eat outs.

The Notre-Dame Basilica is the inspiration of the Notre-Dame in Paris. It is comparatively smaller but worth watching for its beautiful finish. As far as restaurants and eat outs are concerned, there are several places to go and it includes

Where to eat in Chinatown?

As the place clearly showcases its longstanding nexus with that of the Chinese, one could expect a perfect Chinese food items here. Chinatown provides you with authentic and extensive range of Chinese food items. Apart from Chinese food, you also get to enjoy the traditional food items of Montreal along with that of the fusion food items. Some of the most prominent restaurants in Montreal include Shabu Shabu Kagayaki, Le Cristal Chinois, Pho Bang New York and Sushi Palace. All of these places serve an excellent range of food items that are sure to attract you to the spot again and again.

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